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The Islamic Ziyarat team began as an organization of dedicated individuals who were committed to promoting non-profit educational programs in the Muslim community. Of interest to them was the plight of Muslim converts. These brothers and sisters were not satisfied with the current resources available for converts. Online resources were poor and the educational material available were either poor in quality or irrelevant in context. As opposed to translations, this team developed material that was written originally in English as well as various multi-media and social outlets both online and on the grounds. Developing and sustaining these resources took time and were budget intensive. Unfortunately, religious centers across the U.S have only provided minimal support. For this reason, these individuals thought of a tour business model where the proceeds of tours – and in this case, Islamic Ziyarat tours – would go back to the community and help sustain these charitable and educational activities.

By booking with Islamic Ziyarat, you help these individuals further their mission to helping non-profit educational programs in the Muslim community. Islamic Ziyarat’s current funding project is an online educational curriculum designed for Muslim converts. The project has been three years in the making and has over two-hundred original articles and accompanying videos. It is currently in its final building stage. To know more, please visit

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