Winter Tour

Cities: Najaf, Karbala, Kazimayn, Samarra, Balad, Kufa.

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2017 Winter Tour Details

The winter holidays provides you with the ideal circumstances to go on a Ziyarat pilgrimage to the Holy Imams. Not only can you visit the shrines of the Imams at a low season, thus giving you ample opportunity to touch their Holy Shrines, but it also allows you to do so outside of the harsh heat waves of the fall, spring and summer times of Iraq.


Destination And Shrines

Shrines and Holy Places:
Imam Ali, Imam Husayn, Abbas ibn Ali, Imam Musa al-Kazim, Imam Ali al-Taqi (al-Hadi), Imam Muhammad al-Naqi (al-Jawad), Imam Hasan al-Askari, Lady Narjis (mother of Imam al-Mahdi), Masjid al-Kufa, Masjid al-Hanana, Maytham al-Tammar, Muslim ibn Aqeel, House of Imam Ali, Prophet Hur, Wadi al-Salam, Prophets Hud and Saleh and more …

Tour Director – Asghar Rizvi

With Islamic Ziyarat, there’s no better way to get to know your Ziyarat trip than through the guidance of your tour director. We’d like you to meet a tour director who is representative of the type of expert that will be with you on your pilgrimage to the shrines of the Holy Imams (peace be upon them all).

“Iraq has been my second home since I can remember. The incredible spiritual impact this holy land has kept me engaged as far as I can remember. It is spiritual world that keeps revealing new secrets and hence holding gems that are always waiting to be explored. Experience the life changing impact of the shrines, cities and the serenity that proximity to the Imams has to offer. No matter who you are or where you are from, there is something about the Holy Shrines that will never leave you.”


Cities: Najaf, Karbala, Kazimayn, Samarra, Balad, Kufa.

Guides: Services of a professional Tour Director


QASR AL-DIYAFA Najaf – Right Next to the Shrine of Imam Ali (as) on Imam Ali Street (Shari’ Imam Ali). 6 minute walk.
FUNDUQ AL-YUSR Karbala – Right next to Imam al-Husayn’s Shrine, 7 minute walk.

Optional Excursions

The following optional excursions are examples only for this vacation. These may or may not be offered, and availability is subject to days of operation and seasonality as well as the political circumstances of Iraq.

1.Visit Shaykh Muhammad ibn Hassan al-Tusi’s (ra) Tomb

2.Visit A Marja

3.Visit Babylonian Artifacts/Sites 

Travel Tips

Travel tips are designed with you in mind, with helpful hints to help you prepare for your Ziyarat trip. They are your guide to getting ready and contain general information on travel documentation, customs, and the country you will be visiting, including medical awareness, health hazards, budgeting, transportation, climate, local languages and more. With Islamic Ziyarat, you will benefit from our experience so that you can make the most of your trip with little hassle as possible.

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